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Someone has to win the Track Cycling Betting Tour de France in 2022, right? But that means 175 men and 21 teams will not. It turns out that winning the Tour is really difficult. For 21 days, you have to do everything right: no serious accidents or injuries; no bonks or poor days; and, of course, no mechanical problems unless inside three kilometers to go on flat stages on Track Cycling Betting, when mechanicals and mishaps do earn mulligans.


And not every team on the Tour expects to win. They recognize that the arithmetic of ultimate triumph stinks for the Track Cycling Betting. So they have additional goals, like as stage victories, other jersey contests, or just making the break. That does not make for a dull race. In fact, it may make things even wilder when an overall contender’s best set preparations are turned upside down by a squad that doesn’t give a damn about Paris. Here are the 22 teams competing in this year’s race, what they’re here for, and why, after months of training and preparation, they’re still going to win.


Grenadiers Ineos

OKBET Track Cycling Betting

Why are they here: to resurrect the glorious days

What to Look Out For: A triple threat on Track Cycling Betting! Start with Thomas, the 2018 Tour champion who is just getting back into shape; Yates, who finished fourth in last year’s Tour of Spain; and Martinez, who had his greatest spring ever, culminating in a victory at Itzulia Basque Country. Bench? From rising stars like Tom Pidcock and Ethan Hayter to rouleurs like Filippo Ganna and Dylan van Baarle, the roster is rich. With the WorldTour’s largest budget, these men came to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and they’re all out of bubblegum.

Why They’ll Lose: Unfortunately, they may be out of kick ass as well. Ineos is the bike racing equivalent of a ’80s supergroup, having gone triple platinum, had its own exhibit at Tower Records, and selling out stadium events all over the world. They’re currently opening for Winger at HairNation in Cleveland at the Track Cycling Betting. When you don’t have a genuine leader, you resort to a triple threat GC tactic, which almost never works. Thomas is 36, and his 2018 Tour victory was a beautiful, wonderful anomaly. Yates? Nobody is scared of a Yates. Martinez is fascinating, although he has just one Grand Tour high overall finish to his record. A supergroup? Perhaps a pretty excellent cover band.


OKBET Track Cycling Betting
  • Top riders include Primo Rogli, Jonas Vingegaard, and Wout van Aert.

Why are they here? To get revenge on Omi and Opi

With all the fanfare surrounding Rog v. Pog, it’s a bit surprising that the two best stage racers in the sport have only ever squared off to the finish in two multi-day races, the first being Pog’s come-from-behind victory in the 2020 Tour at Track Cycling Betting. Of course, Rogli was all set to revenge that heinous defeat last year until he collided (literally) with the famed supporter brandishing the Opi-Omi sign on Stage One and was forced to leave with injuries. Of course, this paved the way for Vingegaard’s debutante ball and van Aert’s Ventoux exploits. Jumbo was looking strong lately, Billy Ray, with a 1-2 finish by Rog and Jonas at the Critérium du Dauphiné and a slew of stage victories by van Aert.

Why They’ll Lose on Track Cycling Betting: Rogli has three Vuelta a Espaa wins in a row, but Tour Troubles dwell in his brain for free. Team brass will keep Vingegaard back if there isn’t serious issue early on, and he’s a Good Boy, so he’ll cooperate. In other news, van Aert had a strange knee ailment during training camp, forcing the whole Tour de Suisse squad to withdraw with COVID. Just what you need to unwind before the tour.