OKBET Rab Wardell, a Scottish mountain biking champion, died only two days later. Wardell won the elite men’s championship in the Scottish MTB XC Championships in Dumfries and Galloway last weekend.

OKBET Rab Wardell

OKBET Rab Wardell, 37, died in his sleep only two days after winning the Scottish championship. OKBET Rab Wardell won the elite men’s championship in the Scottish MTB XC Championships last weekend in Dumfries and Galloway. The biker then appeared on BBC Scotland’s The Nine show on Monday evening to discuss his success, saying that he had overcome three punctures to win.

Wardell’s girlfriend, double Olympic track cycling champion Katie Archibald, was at home with him when he died. OKBET Rab Wardell is reported to have died after an apparent heart attack, according to the Daily Telegraph(opens in new tab).

Archibald confirmed the news on social media(opens in new tab) on Wednesday morning. “I guess you’ve heard that OKBET Rab Wardell died yesterday morning,” Archibald wrote. “I still don’t grasp what’s happened; whether this is genuine; why he’d be taken now – so well and joyful.” He collapsed into cardiac arrest while we were in bed. I tried and tried, and the paramedics came within minutes, but his heart stopped and they couldn’t save him. It was the end of my.

“I adore him and need his presence in my life.” I really need him here, but he’s gone. This anguish is beyond description at OKBET Rab Wardell. Thank you to everyone who has paid tributes. I can’t bring myself to mention anything about him in the past tense. Rab, you are everything to me. I adore you.”

OKBET Rab Wardell, from Glasgow, has been racing mountain bikes since he was a teenager, but just recently become professional.

OKBET Rab Wardell

Wardell finished the 96-mile West Highland Way(opens in new tab) with a new record time of 9-14-32 in 2020. His victory last weekend in Kirroughtree Forest (opens in new tab) was characterized by Scottish Cycling as a “display of tremendous tenacity.”

In response to the news of his death, Scottish Cycling(opens in new tab) issued the following statement: “We are heartbroken to confirm the news that international mountain cyclist & former employee, OKBET Rab Wardell, has died away today.”

“We have very little information at this time, but we express our love and support to his family, friends, and everyone in our community who knew him.” We respectfully request that you respect Rab’s family’s privacy at this very difficult time.”

British Cycling also published a statement(opens in new tab) on Wardell, saying he would be “sorely missed.” “Everyone at British Cycling is very grieved by OKBET Rab Wardell‘s passing.” Rab was a fantastic rider, friend, and advocate for our sport, and he will be dearly missed by many. At this really sad moment, our sympathies are with his family and many friends.”

Former Olympic cyclist and Tour de France yellow jersey holder David Millar tweeted, “So very sorry to read about OKBET Rab Wardell‘s passing.” Properly difficult to grasp.” We’re all looking to get the most out of each training session. On the surface, it seems to make some logical sense to ride as hard as we possibly can in each session, maximize the amount of training stress, and aim for maximum adaptation.

OKBET Rab Wardell

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OKBET Rab Wardell