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The OKBET Olympic BMX freestyle event is one of five new Olympic disciplines and the only cycling race that is not about speed. Betting sites have posted their odds, and we have them as well for the BMX racing tournament. In this Olympic BMX betting preview, I look at the odds and make some predictions.


This page provides a summary of the key favorites as well as suggested wagers based on their possibilities and the most recent odd at s.

OKBET Olympic BMX Betting Odds for Tokyo

Let’s start with the OKBET Olympic BMX odds that may be found on the internet. There are four events in all, with both men and women competing in racing and freestyle events.

Both racing disciplines will conclude on August 1. The odds for the men’s event are as follows.

  • +400 Niek Kimmann;
  • +550 Sylvain Andre;
  • +550 Joris Daudet;
  • +650 David Graf;
  • +800 Simon Marquart;
  • +800 Kye Whyte;
  • +1200 Twan Van Gendt;
  • +1600 Romain Mahieu

There is no obvious favorite here, and all of the expected winners have long odds. The athletes listed above are the most likely candidates, with everyone else priced at +2000 or above on OKBET Olympic BMX.


In the women’s OKBET Olympic BMX racing event, things are a little different.

  • +250 Alise Willoughby;
  • +350 Mariana Pajon;
  • +500 Axelle Etienne;
  • +1100 Payton Ridenour;
  • +1400 Felicia Stancil;
  • +1600 Merel Smulders;
  • +1600 Natalia Afremova;
  • +1600 Natalia Afremova

Laura Smulders, Alise Willoughby, and Mariana Pajon are the three competitors likely to compete for the gold medal because there are fewer participants in the freestyle events at OKBET Olympic BMX, the chances for the most probable victors are substantially lower. Let’s start with the men’s competition.

  • +145 Rimu Nakamura;
  • +400 Nick Bruce;
  • +550 Justin Dowell;
  • +650 Declan Brooks;
  • +1000 Daniel Dhers;
  • +1200 Irek Rizaev;
  • +400 Kenneth Fabian +5000 Tencio Esquivel;
  • +8000 Anthony Jeanjean

Logan Martin is the guy to beat in this situation, and I’ll explain why later in this essay. Many feel that the women’s freestyle event is the simplest to predict, and that Hannah Roberts will win. According to the most recent odds, the bookmakers seem to agree at OKBET Olympic BMX.

  • -225 Perris Benegas;
  • +900 Charlotte Worthington;
  • +1000 Nikita Ducarroz;
  • +1100 Macarena +1600 Lara Marie Lessmann;
  • +1800 Minato Oike;
  • +2500 Natalya Diehm;
  • +2800 Elizaveta Posadkikh;
  • +8000 Valentina Perez Grasset

All of the odds shown here are provided by OKBET Olympic BMX, one of the most popular betting services for the Tokyo Olympics.

Predictions for Men’s BMX Racing

It is difficult to predict the victor of the men’s OKBET Olympic BMX racing event in Tokyo. Connor Fields won gold in 2016 and will return to defend his title. The American was the greatest athlete in the sport in 2020, but he has been inconsistent in 2021. Many feel Sylvain Andre has improved this year, and a glance at the official BMX racing standings supports this.

The Frenchman has the expertise and talent to compete for the gold medal, but Niek Kimmann and Joris Daudet should not be overlooked. At these odds, I’d ordinarily pick the Dutchman, but Kimmann was hurt in training and I’m not convinced he’ll be fully healthy for the race. As a result, I aim to play it safe, and my ultimate prediction is that Andre will win the championship at OKBET Olympic BMX.


Predictions for Women’s BMX Racing

Many people predict Laura Smulders will win gold in the women’s OKBET Olympic BMX racing event, but I’m not convinced. The Dutch cycling team has struggled thus far in Tokyo, and there are at least two other favorites.

Alise Wiloughby, the 2019 world champion and 2016 Olympic silver medalist, has the credentials to compete for the championship. In the previous five years, the American has been one of the most consistent performers in the sport at OKBET Olympic BMX.

Nonetheless, I’m going to support Mariana Pajon in this campaign. The Colombian won the same event in 2012 and 2016, so she understands what it takes to win an Olympic gold medal. Furthermore, Pajon has been outstanding thus far in 2021, so another championship might be on the way.

Prediction for Men’s BMX Freestyle

Logan Martin is the clear favorite in the first-ever OKBET Olympic BMX freestyle event for men. The Australian has won a number of renowned tournaments, including the Urban Cycling World Championships, the World Urban Games, the X Games, and others. Martin has been excellent for many years, and adding an Olympic gold medal to his collection makes perfect sense.

Nonetheless, Rimu Nakamura and Nick Bruce will do all they can to stop him. I doubt they will succeed, but the American has a high potential and will be dangerous. OKBET Olympic BMX But I still believe Logan Martin is just too excellent, therefore I’m picking the Australian to win gold.

Predictions for Women’s BMX Freestyle

It’s difficult to choose anybody else when an athlete is as powerful as Hannah Roberts at OKBET Olympic BMX. The American has won everything in the last several years, and the odds reflect her success. The bettors and fans both anticipate Roberts to win gold in Tokyo, which is the most obvious conclusion. Unless the favorite underperforms, she will win the gold medal. No other contender is on the same level as Roberts right now, therefore the only rational forecast is to support him.


Olympic BMX Cycling Betting Predictions for Tokyo

Sharing OKBET Olympic BMX predictions is one thing, but betting is quite another. In the women’s freestyle event, for example, I have faith in Hannah Roberts. However, the odds of -225 are just too low to wager on her. Instead, I see two far better BMX betting selections. Mariana Pajon and Sylvain Andre’s pricing are really great all things considered. These, in my opinion, are the greatest options available right now.

  • +550 Sylvain Andre
  • +500 Mariana Pajon

If you need more assistance with your Olympic cycling betting, please see our dedicated guide. It contains a wealth of practical advice on how to prepare for and locate the greatest bets.

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