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This year on OKBET Cycling Sports, city authorities have decided to pay two extra promotion fund requests.

The two allocations were debated by Aberdeen City Council on Monday at OKBET Cycling Sports. Aberdeen OKBET BMX received $20,000 to help offset expenditures for track renovations in order to host a national OKBET BMX event, while the Aberdeen Parks and Recreation Department received $40,000 to assist with the purchase of temporary outfield fence for the city’s new softball field.

OKBET Cycling Sports

The demands were relayed to the council by City Manager Joe Gaa at OKBET Cycling Sports. The BMX proposal is for $60,000 in track renovations before the national competitions this summer. According to him, the event gathered 544 bikers from 32 states, including Hawaii. “That’s an excellent illustration of what the promotion money can do,” Gaa remarked.

The temporary outfield fence is required to size the softball fields for the inaugural state high school girls varsity softball tournament, which will be held in 2023. He estimates that the temporary barrier will cost $53,000. It will be required for the four new softball fields that will be erected south of the Players Complex in the northeast area of town in 2021-22.

The outfield walls on the fields are 300 feet from home plate, according to Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Director Mark Hoven at OKBET Cycling Sports , but they must be reduced to 220 feet for the state tournament. The three-day tournament will include eight teams from each of the three classes (B, A, and AA), with the final games taking place on the softball pitch at Northern State University.

OKBET Cycling Sports

The promotion money is a little portion of the city’s total budget at OKBET Cycling Sports. It includes $1.2 million from the city’s 1% hotel and motel tax, as well as restaurant meals and alcohol sales.

While the allocation requests were granted by the council, there was considerable debate over where they originated from and how they fit within the boundaries of the promotion fund. The money is meant towards buildings, events, or equipment for city-promoting initiatives.

Gaa said that proposals were not sought for the unspent monies on OKBET Cycling Sports, but rather that the requests arose throughout the year.

The new fields are the first of three phases of a three-phase project at OKBET Cycling Sports. The second phase will include the replacement of four old fields north of the new diamonds with three new fields with 300-foot fences. The third phase would include shortening the existing fields at the Moccasin Creek complex so that they could be utilized for younger sports. The next steps are subject to financing.

More: The city suggests allocating $1.15 to the promotion fund.

In other words, the council:

Aberdeen Construction was paid $465,373 for concrete surface, curb, gutter, walkways, and driveways on North Dakota Street. This roadway is currently open for business. Jensen Rock & Sand was paid $438,601 for work on the old US Highway 281 overlay project on the north side of town. That project is also finished at OKBET Cycling Sports. Gaa said in his report to the council at the close of the meeting that work on South Roosevelt Street has roughly a week remaining until it is projected to reopen.

OKBET Cycling Sports

EAM USA Frequently Asked Questions


How can I prove my eligibility?

  • Hold a 2019 W1-W8 championship or race a 2022 world qualification race and finish in the top 8 by reaching the semi-finals at OKBET Cycling Sports.

Can I compete in a global qualification as a 2019 W1-W8?

  • NO, anybody with a world number from Zolder or Beligum is not permitted to participate in the qualifying.

Does the fact that I am eligible for one of my bicycles (20″ or 24″) qualify me for the other?

  • NO. You must qualify for each class and bicycle in which you want to race.

I qualified at a qualifer in 2021; do I need to qualify again in 2022?

  • YES. Unfortunately, such performances qualified them for the 2021 team, which was eventually canceled at OKBET Cycling Sports.

Where can I find the qualification races?

Friday in lieu of the next race’s opener.

  • Carolina Nationals of USA BMX
  • Golden State Nationals of USA BMX

In which class will I compete in the qualifier?

  • Master or class challenge The rider’s racing age is his or her age as of December 31st of the racing year. In UCI courses, there is no proficiency at OKBET Cycling Sports.

What is the difference between Challenge and Master class?

  • The Challenge class is for amateur riders, while the Masters class is for riders 30 years of age or older and might be termed experienced pro.

Is the qualification race governed by UCI rules?

  • Yes. All UCI regulations may be found here at OKBET Cycling Sports.

Is the qualification race governed by total point scoring?

  • Yes. All UCI regulations may be found here.

Do I get USA BMX points for competing in global qualification races?

  • No, the UCI challenge courses are non-pointed open classes.

How can I qualify as a Jr Elite or Elite Rider?

All championship level qualification will be handled by USA Cycling via their own event. More information may be found here.

Is a UCI or USA Cycling membership required to compete in a global qualifier?

  • No, however a valid USA BMX license is required.

Can I just sign up for the challenge class during the qualification races?

  • YES. It is not essential to compete in a USA BMX sanctioned class.

Is the qualification race available to the public?

  • It is available to all United States citizens who are qualified for a USA Cycling license.

Can I compete in more than one qualifier if I’m already qualified?

  • No, after you’ve qualified, you can’t race any further qualifiers.

Is there a particular timetable for the qualification race?

The event will take place on the selected national’s Friday. Keep in mind that UCI classes use total points, and the third round will begin immediately after the second round closes.

What age groups are available in the qualifier race?

A complete list of UCI courses is available here. The UCI regulations say that cyclists may only compete in their age group and that proficiency is not recognized.

Can I sign up for both the masters and the challenge at the same qualifier or at a different qualification?

  • No. Those are two distinct UCI class abilities. When you race (deem) a UCI category, you are bound to compete in that category for the remainder of the 2022 season.

Is there any extra paperwork required to race a qualifier?

  • No. All you need is verification of your USA BMX license.

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