Top games of barbie doll houses dress up to play

Top games of barbie doll houses dress up to play
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Games of barbie doll the whole game of Barbie dolls is covered in a dark color and there is no cute, character here to sound horrifying to people.

Top games of barbie doll houses dress up to play

1.Fancy Fashion Salon

 Beautiful doll preparing to roam in the mall. Help her choose a nice outfit, stylish heels, bags and makeup to be ready for a trip to Fancy Fashion Salon. Play Fancy Fashion Salon for free on your Windows PC or Windows Mobile device to immerse yourself in the world of colorful, stylish fashion. The game is suitable for kids and girlfriends with simple gameplay, nice graphics and rich inventory! In the Fancy Fashion Salon PC game, the baby will be free to choose clothes, accessories and makeup styles for dolls. The games of barbie doll houses is not only fun, but it also helps children recognize colors, objects, and combinations of small details. He will perform small steps such as choosing hairstyles, makeup, spa, select clothes, dresses and accessories.
If you are in free time and don’t know what to do to get fun, you are in the right place with the game Find The Candy 2 Winter
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games of barbie doll
games of barbie doll

Games of barbie doll help her learn many interesting things

  • Help dolls prepare for shopping at the mall.
  • Choose clothes, shoes, bags, accessories.
  • Choose the perfect dress for dolls.
  • Makeup and choose a trendy haircut.
  • Use the mouse or finger gestures on the touch screen to manipulate.
  • Connect to other My Town games of barbie doll dress up: If you have already played My Town barbie doll games like My Town: Pets
  • City: Airport for iOS, you can then transfer characters and objects from one game to another.
  • 6 extremely detailed locations in the house: living room, kitchen, courtyard, parents’ room, small room, and bathroom.
  • Meet family members: A happy family with a father and a mother. 6 children 2-13 years old and if available
  • Makeover Barbie Doll Makeover game You will even have a lot of fun. more things.
  • Do a lot of action: eat, sleep, take a bath and play games of barbie doll makeup freely.

2.My Little Princess

Join My Little Princess: Stores, your baby will be taken to the super cute princess shop. Try the latest outfits at the clothing store, makeup, meet new friends or lovely pets in the pet store; Or go to the supermarket, buy some favorite food and decorations for the party. There are countless shops for you to play, discover in My Little Princess: Stores.
Thanks to its appealing, child-friendly gameplay and stimulating brain development through a variety of exciting activities, My Little Princess: Stores has received over 15 million downloads worldwide. My Little Princess: Stores for Android is the mobile version of the classic dollhouse online games of barbie doll. Youngsters will not be constrained by any rules or goals, giving them the freedom to play and develop their own imagination.

If you are bored and want to find something to get relaxed, then Stella’s Dress-Up: Fashion Show game will be a perfect recommendation for you

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games of barbie doll

games of barbie doll

Games of barbie doll help him to experience the game in real life

Everything in the game can interact when the baby touches the screen, such as dress the princess to prepare the party, makeup and customize every character. With the game ecosystem of My Town Games, the baby will be delighted to enjoy and grow naturally in a safe, exciting environment.


  • 10 new locations and stores for children to explore.
  • New character.
  • Add hot air balloon. Just place the characters inside, click on the games of barbie doll “liftoff” button. The game then opens a map with a completely different games barbie doll game for you to explore.
  • Supports multi-touch gestures for baby to play with friends on the same tablet.
  • Use the balloon to move between the games on the little princess has downloaded the machine.

 3.Japanese doll

Nothing scary! But do you dare to turn up the volume and play Japanese dolls at midnight? Truly not? Because it stimulates curiosity and defies your fear … Download the free doll game and find out why Japanese dolls for Android attract players. Although the game only supports Japanese (not English), not because barbie language barbie game language you give up easily. He is curious and determined to know what happened next when you did not have a concept of ghosts, which made the game more attractive. The whole all games of barbie doll of Barbie dolls is covered in a dark color and there is no cute, character here to sound horrifying to people.

games of barbie doll

Games of barbie doll learn and develop creative thinking

 You start playing the Barbie doll game with a dark intrigue, it seems that ghost is a supernatural force, you want to grow as a human being. You will start to apply Japanese dolls, it is stored in a box and bloody looks like a mass without limbs and without facial features! The first job is to collect candles, which are also the only source of nutrition to feed the doll’s heart and help it survive. Note, give yourself slowly and calm because it is easy to get angry. Remember that if you let him starve for 3 to 4 days, he can also turn into a skull. After collecting enough candles.

4. Doll Girl Fashion

Doll Girl Fashion PC has a barbie doll online games barbie doll house with a clear games of barbie doll interface and stunning catchy iron graphics; children can play alone or with their parents to change, make up beautiful dolls. Based on the fun, the baby will start by selecting the character’s hairstyle and other items from the Mode menu on the right side of the screen. After the hairstyle is to choose shoes, skirts or dresses and skirts, a necklace, earrings, and a princess crown. Barbie Doll House Doll Girl Fashion offers a variety of dresses and accessories to choose from. Children can coordinate according to color, style or style to have a perfect teacher. After choosing the outfit, the hairstyle, and the games of barbie doll download doll accessories, she can create makeup video games for Barbie dolls and share them with her friends  via social networks.

games of barbie doll

Games of barbie doll learn how to make up for yourself beautiful

Except for the annoying ads in the game. Fashion Doll Girl for Windows is a fashion game enjoyed by beautiful people. Sounds and a variety of inventory, catchy. In the Barbie doll dress up the beautiful bride for Windows. The task of the player is to choose a suitable wedding dress – a beautiful dress or skirt fishtail. With white, cream, pink … Then, Linda needs a hairstyle that matches the wedding dress. it. Tracking shoes, necklace, earrings, crown, wedding flower

The free games of Barbie doll are very simple. He only uses his hand or mouse to drag the selected item and apply it directly to Linda’s bride. There are many accessories and accessories for the bride. Finally, take the Barbie doll photo games and share them with the world!

Top games of barbie doll houses dress up to play
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