Top games for barbie doll house dress up to play

Top games for barbie doll house dress up to play
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Games for barbie doll he will own a wardrobe with a lot of dresses, clothes, accessories … to change the look of Barbie dolls. Design Studio is a place where you can express your style, style and color combinations, accessories.

Top games for barbie doll house dress up to play

1.Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

The Roberts moved to a new home and they decided to design their own, interior decor. For Barbie, she wants to decorate her room so eye-catching for the vlog. And Stacie, Skipper, and Chelsea want a DJ controller and a mini basketball court in their home for the whole family to have fun together. When her parents are away from home, Barbie, her friends, and siblings embark on a fun and games for barbie dolls adventurous adventure around her beloved Malibu city.

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games for barbie doll

games for barbie doll

Games for barbie doll give the baby new exposure to the environment sooner

 Come to Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures for iOS, you will be together with Barbie to create a dream home by designing your own rooms with furniture and paint colors. Meet friends, play with pets and take part in a variety of fun activities such as baking, dancing or partying by the pool. In addition, you have the task of picking up Barbie and the friends of the trendy clothes, then take photo memories. Download and experience fun adventures in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures for iOS where everything is possible.

  • Help Barbie design every room with wallpapers and dazzling decorations.
  • Meet Barbie’s good friend games for barbie doll association: Renee – a sports fanatic, Daisy – a talented DJ, Teresa – a science lover.
  • Nikki – an ambitious fashion designer, and Kendo you have one? two, along with Skipper – the sister is extremely intelligent, good games barbie doll house at technology.
  • Barbie joins a dinner party and she needs your help with choosing the perfect outfit.
  • Take fun photobooth shots with Nikki and Teresa.
  • Ken held a party at the pool. Change summer attire and join now.
  • Barbie loves cooking. Let’s make delicious food in the kitchen.
  • Choose your favorite instrument and join the band with Barbie. Even the dogs know how to sing.

2. Sago Mini Babies Dress Up

Does your child love fashion, like self-distribution? If so games for barbie doll, Sago Mini Babies Dress Up is born for baby. Let your baby participate in the fun, super cute and funny fashion playground and the characters of Sago Mini. Play with Jack, Jinja, Harvey, and Robin in this kid-friendly mobile app. Sago Mini is a well-known, award-winning children’s game brand. They understand that toys are seeds that sprout the imagination and creativity. So, they brought it into every product. And Sago Mini Babies Dress Up for Android is one of them. The games barbie doll dress up has colorful graphics, animated cartoon characters, enough cabinets enough for children to experience hours are not boring.

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games for barbie doll

Games for barbie doll join the fun entertainment of the game

Sago Mini Babies Dress Up for Android to the imagination of the baby is flying high, flying far by freely choosing the right dress for each character, try different styles, funny accessories such as glasses, hats, mustache … Each style can create a unique style that makes people admire, laugh or crawl through the mouth of their creativity endless. In particular, the character has a very funny games barbie doll makeup reaction when wearing new clothes, ensuring the children cannot hold fast. After helping the Sago Mini friends to have a great time attending a special event or simply for fun, do not forget to take photos and share your work with the Sago Mini community.


  • Enjoy the hourly selection of fun games for barbie doll clothes that help Harvey, Jinja, Robin, and Jack
  • Try out cute costumes and accessories to create hundreds of different styles
  • Demonstrate dress up games barbie doll game through attractive fashion
  • The ideal educational game for toddlers and preschoolers from 2 to 5 years old
  • Unique graphic design and customizable sounds
  • Play anywhere, no wifi or internet connection

3.Barbie Dreamtopia

Barbie Dreamtopia – Magical Hair is the perfect choice for games for barbie doll girls in kindergarten age upwards. Join Barbie and her sister Chelsea to enter the world of Endless Hair Kingdom – where their golden hair will be refreshed, transforming non-stop to become the most unique fairytale streams!

Barbie dolls are always endless topics for mobile games barbie doll cooking, especially for girls between the ages of 3 and 5. Barbie fashion games like Barbie Fashionista, Barbie Digital Makeover … In Barbie Dreamtopia – Magical Hair, Barbie doll and sister is the beautiful model of the baby. Use your creativity and imagination to create Barbie’s new hairstyle. Your baby will enjoy playing with hair accessories such as shampoo, cut, brush, styling, and coloring discretion.

games for barbie doll

Games for barbie doll let the children learn while entertaining


  •  Hairstyling, combing, braiding, and accessories for Barbie’s blonde hair.
  • Hair dye, curly or straight.
  • Shampoo, dry and decorative accessories on the hair.
  • Listen to Barbie to see what her dream of miraculous hair is.
  • Take pictures to save the hairstyle that baby.
  • Explore 8 Wonderland in Wispy Forest.
  • Barbie Doll: Princess of Wispy Forest.
  • Chelsea: Barbie’s sister and a character who loves the extreme hair.
  • Juniper gorgeous in the hair braid games for barbie doll knot.
  • Cypress with curly hair.

4.Barbie Fashionistas

 Barbie dolls have become an attractive toy for any girl, even young girls in the world. Beautiful looks and fashionable fashion sense, Barbie dolls are designed like the real but expensive price that not everyone can afford them. But with the fashion game Barbie Fashionistas for iOS, she will own a lot of dolls simulator and grandiose tablecloth to coordinate them every day. True to its name, the free Barbie Fashionistas game will bring players into the world of fashion followers with a variety of different “Mix & Match” styles and games for barbie doll endless fun. He will own a wardrobe with a lot of dresses, clothes, accessories … to change the look of Barbie dolls.

games for barbie doll

Games for barbie doll help children to develop intellectual

It’s not hard to change clothes for Barbie dolls and give it a new look, which is, the combination of the texture, color and image that you feel most impressed. Not satisfied with the content available in Barbie Fashionistas for iOS? Do not worry, there will be many fashion collections sold separately in the game store for your choice. Please consult your parents before deciding on these items. By the time the game, the baby will accumulate his monograms and a variety of different styles. Combine the dress with pants, skirts, shoes, accessories and hairstyles to make Barbie dolls look more beautiful. In addition, you can give Barbie a pet to her appearance with pictures to the but friendly, close to the viewer.

The games for barbie doll allows for free download and play but contains some items that require players to buy with real money. If you do not care about this feature, you can disable the parent in the setup.

Top games for barbie doll house dress up to play
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