Top barbie game for girls dress and makeup to play

Top barbie game for girls dress and makeup to play
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Barbie game for girls It is a fun and varied game to help children learn more about the objects around us. Get to know more interesting things.

Top Barbie game for girls dress and makeup to play

1.Belle Party

Belle Party is a doll-style dress up game – a popular game with kids and girlfriends. On a cheerful background, the baby will start by choosing Bella for a pair of lovely shoes, matching hairstyles, dresses or dresses, and skirts, earrings, necklaces, and crowns. Dress and accessories, Bella will turn into a princess splendid and beautiful, ready for the dance party exciting! The Belle Party PC Barbie game for girls features colorful graphics, captivating kids at first sight. She can enjoy choosing and coordinating for the beautiful Belle. With a variety of dresses, dresses, long skirts, socks, shoes, necklaces, earrings … baby can coordinate the items to create different styles of fashion. By using the mouse for the computer version or gesture on the touch screen, babies can play Belle Party games themselves without adult support. After mapping, do not forget to take a photo and save it to share with everyone!

barbie game for girls

Barbie game for girls collect the stunning costumes

Each country has its own traditional costume, if the traditional Vietnamese costumes are ao dai, Japan is a secret kimono. And while China is a beautiful outfit, Nathalia is a fashion designer and she wants to restore her traditional outfit with her design ideas. In the Barbie Girl Dress Up Game, you help the girl perform well and excel in her mission in this Asian traditional costume game. Presentation of the game of Asian traditional costume: Join the game and play as the character of the designer, complete the task of designing for his model a beautiful outfit in the traditional costume of any country. As long as you want, try completing your task in this cute Barbie dress up game and show off the flexibility to design colors and accessories Barbie game for girls in harmony. feasible.

2.Crazy Beach Party

But they need a professional style to participate in the party. Choose the trendy summer outfits in the dressing barbie game for girl dress and makeup, the latest Coco girlfriend game in Crazy Beach Party for Android. After picking out the best costumes, make up for Coco’s superstars getting hotter on the beach! And join the dance with Coco and show off the dances before professional judges and hundreds of spectators. Express your fashion sense and beauty with this 3D fashion game. Change the style of the girls by choosing from over 200 types of stylish outfits and accessories in summer.

Welcome to an addictive funny game on – Barbie game for girls Mila’s Magic Shop. The game with full of joy will surely make your free time become amazing and exciting.

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barbie game for girls

barbie game for girls

Barbie game for girls true sounding live sound

If you love girl makeup games, bridal makeup games, dress up games, you can download Crazy Beach Party for free on your phone or tablet to play. If you like Coco’s entertainment game barbie girl and boy free, you can download some other games. You can download Crazy Beach Party and play for free. However, the game also contains a number of items required to buy real money to unlock. You can restrict your purchase by disabling the settings on your device. With colorful 2D animation graphics, the game offers you a collection of swimwear, summer dresses, fashion accessories, rich make-up tools, and lively music. This is a game suitable for girlfriends especially girls this summer.


  • Dances with Coco and becomes a star in the summer party
  • Demonstrate to the judges and get points for their exams
  • Become a Coco summer stylist
  • Choose from a variety of beautiful outfits Barbie game for girls from swimwear, summer attire, and beach accessories
  • Adjust the appearance of Coco – choose 4 different shapes
  • Enjoy the time in the spa! Relax at Coco Summer Spa
  • Smile in front of the camera! Capture the beautiful female character you created

3. Barbara Fashionable Adventure

She can play free Barbara Fashionable Adventure games on Windows PCs and Windows Mobile devices. In the game, the baby will be immersed in the world of fashion rich with the beautiful little princess named Barbara. Your mission is to choose the right outfit and accessories as well as the right makeup to transform the style of Princess Barbara!

Game Barbara Fashionable Adventure for PC is developed in the style of simulation barbie game girl game boy, dressing games for dolls – games suitable for children and girlfriends Barbie game for girls favorite fashion, beauty. Help Barbara become the world’s top model and decorate her fashion magazine cover with her beautiful face! Baby will be visiting the luxury lavish shops, where the most common wings, beauty salon, hair salon, manicure … This is also Barbara way closer to the world of the throne.

barbie game for girls

Barbie game for girls creating a lively living space


  • A game does not contain ads.
  • The game is free.
  • Supports both PC and Windows Phone.
  • There are two main game modes: makeup and dressing.
  • Choose 1 of the gorgeous hairstyles.
  • Big clothes and accessories: belts, pants, shoes, bracelets …
  • Multi-style Barbie game for girls makeup.
  • Choose a necklace and earrings.
  • Take photo magazine cover fashion.

4.Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance belongs to the fashion game girl category. You can play free Wedding Dance games on Windows and Windows Mobile devices. With beautiful graphics and beautiful hand-painted images, the baby will take steps such as make-up, dress, hairstyle, beauty care at the spa, choose the crown, shoes, styling … Get the bridegroom to picture the most beautiful in the party night! In the Wedding Dance for Windows, let’s start by choosing a pretty shoe, a gorgeous bridal hair, a gorgeous bridal gown or breakable dresses, earrings, necklaces, crowns …

If you are bored and want to find something to get relaxed, then Stella’s Dress-Up: Fashion Show Barbie game for girls will be a perfect recommendation for you

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barbie game for girls

barbie game for girls

Barbie game for girls they create their favorite costumes

Baby can Choose from the items available in the game. After perfecting the look of the bride, just press the photo button to save this new style or share with the world. Do not forget to select the background music and click the Play button to watch the beautiful dance of the beautiful bride and groom! The Wedding Dance PC is suitable for girls and girls with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. The minus of this game is that it contains annoying ads – an unavoidable element of the free game! Baby can play Wedding Dance alone or with the whole family to have fun moments of fun, fun.

Organizing a series of fun and useful baby barbie game for girls will help children better understand what is adaptable to all things. The ability to promote brain development is very good for the baby


Top barbie game for girls dress and makeup to play
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