Top barbie game baby babysitter with to play

Top barbie game baby babysitter with to play
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Barbie game baby allow for free download and play but contain some items that require players to buy with real money. If you do not care about this feature, you can disable the parent in the setup.

Top Barbie game baby babysitter with to play

1.Barbie Superstar

Barbie Superstar is an exciting entertainment application for Budge Studios for girls aged 6 to 8 years. Referring to Budge Studios, the kids and their parents will remember a series of apps and barbie game for baby like My Little Pony: Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop or Hello Kitty Lunchbox. In Barbie Superstar, our main character will be the cute Barbie dolls dressed in beautifully laced dresses. Let’s have Barbie and his friends organize a concert around the world of dolls. At each location, she can express barbie game baby herself by creating an impressive music video alongside Barbie’s stage outfit. If you spot the baby, you will see a screen in the middle of the stage, where she can swing and show her voice with a camera, microphone, and microphone to accompany the Barbie performance. Interesting is not it?

This barbie games of baby give you more than you think: entertainment, much fun, a chance to kill free time and release stress

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barbie game baby

barbie game baby

Barbie game baby help the baby entertained

If you like games involving Barbie dolls and music themes, Barbie Superstar for iOS will be a great surprise for your baby. Not only did Barbie’s professional performance, she possessed a dollhouse full of dolls, she was also involved in this fascinating musical experience. The app allows for a free experience on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and comes with some IAP packages to buy things in real money. Interface languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. Operating system and device requirements: iOS 6.0 or later supported.


  • Create and perform in your own Barbie MV.
  • Collect beautiful dresses to barbie game baby confidently step onto the stage.
  • Record your voice and dance performance with your iPhone / iPad’s microphone and camera.
  • Add lighting effects and professional video.
  • Control the members of the band to perform choreography or solo singing.
  • Discover new venues and stylish Barbie dolls.
  • Save videos to your library to watch them anytime, anywhere.

2. My Town: Beach Picnic

What better way to spend a long day on the beach and have a picnic with friends? Download and play My Town: Beach Picnic for your kid to participate in a fun picnic, do more useful activities and explore more about the world. In the Barbie game with baby children will be built the sand castle, tasting the best food and ice cream cool. Aside from that, the kids will prepare for the picnic, go to barbie game baby store and try out diving gear to explore the underwater world. In particular, the game is complemented by environmental education activities that scavenge the beach. The more garbage you collect, the more you will see the fish in the water.

One attractive match3 barbie with baby games on we want to recommend to players is Magic Jewels. Coming to the game, players will have full fun and entertainment for sure.

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barbie game baby

barbie game baby

Barbie game baby make the baby have some time with the family

If you still want to have fun on the beach, you can take part in surfing or snorkeling. Even the little ones have the opportunity to watch the mermaid sing and find the mysterious treasure box.
Better off sitting on the train and fishing. Take a look at the dumb Daddy just got the old shoe! Suitable for 4-12-year-olds. The game is extremely safe for children even when they play without their parents. My Town Games specializes in designing cute games for children. Helping children develop creativity and stimulate curiosity to explore the world. The company’s products receive the trust and love from many children and parents by bringing to the environment and barbie game baby experience fun, imaginative.


  • More than 5 stunning locations for players to explore, both underwater and land.
  • Many new characters to play with.
  • Interaction with over 200 items

3. My Town: Best Friends’ House

 My Town: Best Friends’ House for iOS is a new simulation barbie game babysitter from My Town Games, a well-known manufacturer of high-tech educational apps. What is more happy to experience a long happy day with your best friends? In My Town: Best Friends’ House for iOS, the kids will visit the home of their best friend and discover everything as well as participate in many fun activities here. She can explore the rooms in the house and play all the fun toys, find the secret drawer and even the beds for guests that she can rest there. And in My Town: Best Friends’ House iOS, kids are so lucky that their beloved parents are cooking dinner. They are in the kitchen and are preparing to cook delicious BBQ in the backyard. Besides, perhaps only at home buddy, baby to play mini-golf in the house.
barbie game baby

Barbie game baby help your baby feel more confident in life

  • New characters: If you have a My Town: Museum, My Town: Pets, or My Town: Haunted House for iOS, then you can bring the characters in these barbie babysitting games to My Town: Best Friends. ‘House to experience more fun. There are 4 small friends and 2 new parents to add to your town.
  • The games in the series are updated every month, so stay tuned for updates to connect these games with My Town: Best Friends’ House for iOS.
  • If you’ve just played My Town: Best Friends’ House, then you can create your own character within the game.
  • Ability to save the gameplay process to continue at any time.
  • Multi-touch: Play with friends and relatives on the same device.
  • Games for children from 4 to barbie game baby 12 years old.

4. My Town: Beauty Contest

If you and your kids love fashion, design, and hairstyles then My Town: Beauty Contest for iOS is a great simulation game for you. The barbie babysitter game has 6 different locations for you to explore and your favorite characters are ready for any competition. First, you need to design the program. There is no perfect beauty contest without a stage and you can choose from over 40 items to design the perfect backdrop. When the stage is ready, it’s time to go to the flower shop and choose floral arrangements for more than 60 selections. Available to make the venue even more impressive. Then, prepare the background music for the show. After finishing stage preparation, the contestants started the beauty process at My Town barbie game baby hair salon. Their hair will be cared for by top hairdressers. Next, the girls will be skin care and makeup is gorgeous.

barbie game baby

Barbie game baby sharp picture sound

As the show is about to begin, you first need to go to the fashion store. So that contestants choose the perfect outfit from more than 50 selections. Which can make them win. In addition, after the show ends, the top contestants will be featured on the cover of the popular My Town magazine. Your job is to choose the background, cover design, and poster. Do not forget to hang posters everywhere to promote your winners.

He will own a barbie game baby wardrobe with a lot of dresses, clothes, accessories … to change the look of Barbie dolls. Design Studio is a place where you can express your style, style and color combinations, accessories.

Top barbie game baby babysitter with to play
5 (100%) 3 votes

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