Top games of barbie makeup salon fashion to play

Top games of barbie makeup salon fashion to play
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Games of barbie makeup who says school just to learn? In fact, this place contains more wonderful things than you can imagine. Let’s open up the phone and explore with us offline!

Top games of barbie makeup salon fashion to play

1.High School Life

The alarm bell sounded, our four beautiful girls have just woken up after the sweet dreams. Now hurry up because today is the first day of the new school year. Everyone wants to look radiant from head to toe. Of course, they are no exception. Makeup, hairdressing, dress up, fashion handbags …. cannot lack any accessories. Since this is a new semester, why not bring a sweet gift like a cake to give to your friends? This is a good idea to mix and burn in people’s eyes. Will you help the girls with their makeup skills and cake. 
It’s free but the games of Barbie makeup and dressup still contains a few IAP packages. Players need to pay in real money to unlock them. If you do not want to use them, turn off the IAP function in the settings. Libii Game is a leading game developer for children with over 500 million downloads and is constantly increasing every year. Developers always aim to build good relationships between parents and children, create a healthy environment, happiness in the family.
games of barbie makeup

Games of barbie makeup beautiful graphics very interesting

  • 3 special themes fully present all aspects of the colorful school life of the girls
  • 8 mini-free reveal the secrets of the girls before the road, including beautiful hair, the perfect outfit … All must be impressive and always safe. That is the subtle thinking of the girls
  • 4 girls with different personalities, personal aesthetic
  • Easily switchable flexibility keeps two modes: Free Mode and Story Mode
  • Interface languages: English and Simplified Chinese

2.My Makeup Salon 2

My Makeup Salon is a well-known makeup games barbie makeup salon, the 8x generation is extremely loved. Responding to the expectations of fans, Tenlogix Games continues to launch My Makeup Salon 2 for Android. This is a great fun free games of Barbie makeup for girls who love fashion like to hit the eye and make up attractive face makeup. My Makeup Salon 2 for Android so that players experience the make-up environment to enhance the beauty of the girls in a shimmering virtual world. But the cleaning and masking activities are the same. Combine all ingredients into perfect skin masks. A complete wardrobe, containing the dress that every fashion girl wants to have. In addition, the player also uses a variety of pencils to eyebrows, covered with makeup, using tattoos or accessories to the stone.

If you are bored and want to find something to get relaxed, then Stella’s Dress-Up: Fashion Show game will be a perfect recommendation for you

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games of barbie makeup

games of barbie makeup

Games of barbie makeup relish creative passion

Start your day at the beauty shop with a variety of skin rejuvenation packages. First, you will cover the mask, put the cucumber on the eyes and relax. Players can make homemade masks with different ingredients. Then wash your face and radiate your face with impressive makeup. The girls have become attractive with their attractive eyes and attractive face or not it all depends on your hands. Eye makeup, eyebrows, cheeks, powder, foundation, tattoos, and countless glittering dresses are all available at My Makeup Salon 2 for Android. Besides, this girlfriend games of barbie doll makeup also have a wedding theme. So, you will see the games of Barbie makeup salon is full of beauty tools and dream dress of the future brides.

3.Secret Double Life

Make-up, beauty, fashion are always the most favorite girlfriends in the free time. This is because most of them have very cute graphics, perfect makeup, the wardrobe full of fashionable dress that every girl always wished. It’s easy to find hundreds of girl games on the Play Store, such as Glam Doll Chic Makeover Salon, Strawberry Shortcake Hair, Long Hair Princess for Android …Today, we would like to introduce to you a new free makeup game with addictive gameplay, called Secret Double Life for Android.

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games of barbie makeup

Games of barbie makeup let your baby show his favorite songs

 Secret Double Life for Android renders authentic sweet vibrations and the brightest dream of mobile learning. The main character in the story is Hannah. A little girl about 10 years old, whose parents run a small restaurant in the city. She has two dreams in her life, called “Impossible dreams” – the dream of utopia. First, someday become a superstar, wearing the most splendid skirt and stepping on the red carpet. Secondly, the lovely, kind and funny neighbor Jeremy will understand the mind and also love Hannah. Players will play Hannah and experience two lives at the same time: the 10-year-old girl and 16-year-old beautiful superstar. If you love the fairy tale, want to experience the sweet love vibe head first, the Secret Secret Life for Android is the perfect entertainment option. Download and play Secret Double Life for Android for free on the games of Barbie makeup Play Store by clicking the link below.

4.Princess Game: Salon Angela 3D

Among the numerous fighting games makeup barbie princess eye pain or puzzle headaches, the type of makeup game is always attractive to resist the beauty. This is a great recreation, help to improve the technique of makeup every day. If you’ve ever been in love with Top Girl, My Makeup Salon, Bohemian Makeup, you definitely can not miss Princess Game: Salon Angela 3D. The main character of the game is the most beloved princess the Angela Kingdom. Like all celebrities, she needs to be beautiful in every event. However, the busy life makes the princess’s spirit is tired, lack of vitality. For this reason, she needs games of Barbie makeup beauty expert. Do you want to be the “savior” of the princess in all events? Do you have confidence in your makeup skills? Experience Princess Game: Salon Angela 3D to find the solution for yourself.

games of barbie makeup

Games of barbie makeup make yourself gorgeous

The games barbie makeup and fashion offers a complete makeup kit. Which helps to overcome all facial blemishes such as mascara. Eye contact lenses, lipstick, cheeks, etc. Interestingly, the player is still fast. I change the hairstyle and color in a blink of an eye. Of course, beautify the face only, costumes are also the decisive factor to create attraction with people. The player will also play the role of “stylist” for the princess. Use your delicate aesthetic to choose the right outfit and accessories for her big day. After completing all the beauty process, the princess is ready to confidently appear in public. So that the paparazzi to take photos without worrying about any article tomorrow disparaging their style. More specifically, at the final makeup stage, the player can talk to Angela and she will repeat everything you say later. Is not it great?

In the games of Barbie makeup, you will be immersed in the game will be embodied in a princess to dress the clothes are gorgeous and beautiful to stand out among the crowd.


Top games of barbie makeup salon fashion to play
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