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Game bubble the shooting game is inspired by the classic egg-shooter. Often a time-killing game for many gamers because of its playability and not much of a challenge. However, this does not seem right, the game has a simple. Light interface, but it seems that it makes it more “difficult” than ever.

Welcome to the most engaging game today with the game Game bubble

To play the game on the computer you just use the mouse, click. Hold to adjust the shooting direction and release the mouse to shoot the ball. Your task is just to watch the standard shots and eat all the balls on the board. The play is very simple, but game bubble online you will feel more difficult game than many other shooting games. It does not have a shotgun, no directional arrows. You will have to shoot the ball in the sense and estimate the standard shot. But in many cases, the ball is often out of the way. On the other hand, the way to put the game bubble free is quite an oat, because the color you need can take many new arrivals. Sometimes bringing you to extremely unpleasant situations.

Although it is possible to know what color the ball is in the next turn. It is only noticeable, you can not change the color of the game bubble free download ball because each shot will only appear one ball for the current turn only. Fortunately, when there is only one color left on the board, the game only offers the same color. Levels 1 and 2 can be easily overcome, but starting from the third level you will feel the difficulty of the game. When the bubble game online free balls of different colors are alternating in many rows. Have to think and shoot the ball with a new strategy can quickly eat the ball before the whole board collapsed.

Highlights in the Game bubble:

  • More than 30 levels are beautifully designed in vibrant colors.
  • Different game maps create new challenges.
  • The game is free with easy gameplay, easy to play.
  • Explore the colorful ball world.
  • Accompany the lovely animals such as monkeys, birds, panda…
  • How to play Bubble Shooter Classic
  • Shoot and touch the screen to shoot the ball.
  • Shoot the balls to make up 3 or more of the same color and rescue the lovely animals.
  • Use special auxiliaries such as Aiming line, Color Bubble, Gift box, Bomb, Fire bubble … to win a hard level.
  • Collect enough penguins to complete the level.

How to play Game bubble:

  • We start on the game screen.
  • Then pick the balls of the same color and eliminate them.
  • During the game, you will receive a lot of help to break the ball.
  • We use the mouse to play or press the screen to shoot.
  • There are many different challenges waiting for you.

Here are some photos of a Game bubble:

Game bubble

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Game bubble

Game bubble

Game bubble giving you the most special and meaningful moments when participating in gaming contributes to changing your brain development thinking in the best way.

Game bubble
5 (100%) 2 votes

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