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Blobs Plops
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Blocks puzzle game is a fun and exciting game for kids.

Wooden blocks puzzle game, you will immerse yourself in exciting gameplay and beautiful graphics. Shoot water droplets to score high points. Enjoy 3D graphics and get high scores in these games! You can play any game in a huge collection without any charge, including hundreds of tables and options for playing. Fight against time, challenge opponents, or overcome your own record! Choose your favorite scene, and ready to shoot any water drop!
The game designed for players of all ages. You have to touch the water block and let the water droplets into a horizontal or vertical row then shoot through it to score points, Playing games in this collection is like playing a video game of the future! Challenging tables have many topics, helping players have hundreds of options. Use the mouse or keyboard to break the shooting water, and keep shooting right now! You can refer to the game for kids: Game bubble , Cute kitty game

Blocks puzzle game

Puzzle game with blocks

How to play Blocks puzzle game:

  • On the computer use the mouse to move.
  • On the mobile phone you touch the screen to play the game.
  • Break the water block to create water droplets then watch them horizontal or vertical.
wood blocks puzzle game

The game designed for players of all ages

Features of Wood blocks puzzle game:

  • Nice interface, lovely colorful, crisp dynamic screen.
  • Suitable for many ages especially young children.
  • Healthy game easy to play.
  • Blocks puzzle game download is on different mobile devices.
Wooden blocks puzzle game

You will immerse yourself in exciting gameplay and beautiful graphics

Blocks puzzle game is a fun entertainment game for children. After a day of studying on campus, they can relax with this game at home. Children can invite more friends to play to create a sense of fun!

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Blobs Plops
5 (100%) 1 vote

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