Top barbie games princess charm school dress up to play

Top barbie games princess charm school dress up to play
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Barbie games princess more specifically, at the final makeup stage, the player can talk to Angela and she will repeat everything you say later. Is not it great?

Top barbie games princess charm school dress up to play

1.Salon Angela 3D

Among the numerous fighting barbie the princess games eye pain or puzzle headaches, the type of makeup game is always attractive to resist the beauty. This is a great recreation, help to improve the technique of makeup every day. If you’ve ever been in love with Top Girl, My Makeup Salon, Bohemian Makeup, you definitely can not miss Princess Game: Salon Angela 3D. The main character of the Barbie games princess is the most beloved princess the Angela Kingdom. Like all celebrities, she needs to be beautiful in every event. However, the busy life makes the princess’s spirit is tired, lack of vitality. For this reason, she needs a beauty expert. Do you want to be the “savior” of the princess in all events? Do you have confidence in your makeup skills? Experience Princess barbie games for princess Salon Angela 3D to find the solution for yourself. Join Princess Game.

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barbie games princess

barbie games princess

Barbie games princess help your baby create more things

The game offers a complete makeup kit, which helps to overcome all facial blemishes such as mascara, eye contact lenses, lipstick, cheeks, etc. Interestingly, the player is still fast. I change the hairstyle and color in the blink of an eye. Of course, beautify the face only, costumes are also the decisive factor to create attraction with people. The player will also play the role of “stylist” for the princess. Use your delicate aesthetic to choose the right outfit and accessories for her big day. After completing all the beauty process, the princess is ready to confidently appear in public, so that the paparazzi to take photos without worrying about any article tomorrow disparaging their style. More specifically, at the final makeup stage, the player barbie games princess can talk to Angela and she will repeat everything you say later. Is not it great?

2.Barbie Magical Fashion

Barbie Magical Fashion for Android is a children’s fashion barbie in princess games where you can design costumes to make your character a princess, mermaid, fairy tales, and unicorn. Create hairstyles, add sparkling and colorful accessories. Like many makeups and fashion games for girls on Android, Windows Phone or iOS, Barbie Magical Fashion has a variety of costumes ranging from Barbie to mermaid. Not only that, they can make up for their characters with more colorful make-up boxes, choose the right hair tools to create straight hair, curly hair, hair. ponytail, and highlight to highlight the hair. Then design your own crown and necklace from glittering stones, diamonds, and sparkles. In addition to the costumes, they barbie games princess can also design their own princess colors easily.

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barbie games princess

Barbie games princess let your baby create fabulous dresses

They also have the opportunity to receive a mysterious gift box from the fairy princess when completed design tasks and makeup. Download Barbie Magical Fashion completely free to enter the fairy world right away! Budge Studios pioneered children’s entertainment applications through entertaining and creative ideas. The company develops and publishes applications for smartphones and computers for millions of children around the world. Please note, you can download the free Barbie Magical Fashion to play, however, in the barbie games princess charm school, there are also some items available in the purchase application. Or it also contains promotional ads from other Budge Studio apps, connected to social networks.


  • Design your hairstyles and add colors to your hair
  • Add fairy makeup to create a mysterious look
  • Decorate the crown, necklace with sparkling gems
  • Add the fishtail or angel wings, even the character can turn into a beautiful unicorn
  • Explore the magic gift box in this exciting and unexpected adventure
  • Save beautiful pictures and barbie games princess share them with friends and family
  • Compatible with tablets

3. Elsa Fashion

Beautiful princess Elsa is a shy girl, or shy in front of the crowd. So Elsa’s older sister, Anna, encouraged her to join the fashion show to gain more confidence in the crowded place. However, Elsa is completely unaware of what to prepare and how to choose to be the queen of the party night. This great mission is placed on your shoulders. Become Elsa’s fashion expert in the fun dress up barbie games of princess charm school Elsa Fashion! Elsa Fashion players can choose Elsa for any style – feminine or seductive, luxurious … With a collection of clothing and accessories, there are many ways to coordinate barbie games princess Elsa and you can experiment unlimited. Once you have completed a complete outfit, you can take a picture, save it or share it with your friends. Not only is the game fun for the baby.

barbie games princess

Barbie games princess design beautiful outfits

Children will learn how to distinguish different types of costumes and accessories, differentiate colors, coordinate colors and styles together in the most suitable way! You can download Elsa Fashion for free to experience on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The features a visually stunning and colorful interface, especially suitable for girlfriends and girls of preschool age or older. First, get acquainted with the beautiful blonde princess named Elsa. The Elsa Fashion game interface is divided into three distinct parts.

4. Snow Princess

Snow Princess Game Snow Princess Dress Code Barbie games princess dress up QR Code Download Url Snow Princess – Snow Fashion Game Snow Princess Game – Snow Princess will take you into the gorgeous world of gorgeous dresses, allowing The player chooses and coordinates to create the beautiful princess. You can play free Snow Princess games on your PC or Windows Mobile. Snow Princess is a fashion barbie 12 dancing princess games for girls and kids. In the game, the baby will experience a variety of beauty activities for snow princesses such as makeup, picking, hairstyles, accessories, skin care … on the background of cute graphics and fun background music.

barbie games princess

Barbie games princess make fun of your baby

Let’s start by choosing a pretty pair of shoes for the princess, a festive hairstyle, brightly colored dresses or loose dresses, then the usual accessories such as earrings, necklaces, Even the mask of mystery for the party … Finally to choose the scene to capture and save the unique style that you created in the barbie princess games makeup Snow Princess PC. Game Snow Princess is the compact and beautiful interface, very attractive to children and also the girlfriend. If you can use your mouse to manipulate the touch screen, the touch gesture will help you select the item and bring it to the right place.

The Barbie games princess is suitable for kindergarten children or the whole family can play with the fun baby. Once you have completed a complete outfit, you can take a picture, save it or share it with your friends. Not only is the game fun for the baby.

Top barbie games princess charm school dress up to play
5 (100%) 2 votes

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