Top barbie game online free dress up to play

Top barbie game online free dress up to play
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Barbie game online does not forget about drying, bending and using magic bottles to make Barbie the most beautiful Princess of Wispy.

Top Barbie game online free dress up to play

1.Barbie Dreamtopia – Magical Hair

Budge Studios has introduced a new fashion barbie game in online for kids called Barbie Dreamtopia – Magical Hair for iOS. Free to play on iPhone / iPad, Barbie Dreamtopia is developed under the genre of simulation games with beautiful graphics, fun sounds and interactive barbie games online with friends. Barbie Dreamtopia – Magical Hair is the perfect choice for girls in kindergarten age barbie game online upwards. Join Barbie and her sister Chelsea to enter the world of Endless Hair Kingdom – where their golden hair will be refreshed, transforming non-stop to become the most unique fairytale streams!

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barbie game online

barbie game online

Barbie game online for the baby play delight

Barbie dolls are always endless topics for mobile games, especially for girls between the ages of 3 and 5. Barbie fashion online game of barbie dress up like Barbie Fashionista, Barbie Digital Makeover … In Barbie Dreamtopia – Magical Hair, Barbie doll and sister is the beautiful model of the baby. Use your creativity and imagination to create Barbie’s new hairstyle. Your baby will enjoy playing with hair accessories such as shampoo, cut, brush, styling, and coloring discretion. Do not forget about drying, bending and using magic bottles to make Barbie the most beautiful Princess of Wispy Forest.


  • Hairstyling, combing, braiding, and barbie game online free accessories for Barbie’s blonde hair.
  • Hair dye, curly or straight.
  • Shampoo, dry and decorative accessories on the hair.
  • Listen to Barbie to see what her dream of miraculous hair is.
  • Take pictures to save the hairstyle that baby.
  • Explore 8 Wonderland in Wispy Forest.
  • Barbie Doll: Princess of Wispy Forest.
  • Chelsea: Barbie’s sister and a character who loves the extreme hair.
  • Juniper gorgeous in the hair braid knot.
  • Cypress with curly hair.
  • Willow has naturally curly hair and always barbie game online dress up wants to experiment with new hairstyles.
  • Delia: Nice code.
  • Locksley: brave long-eared rabbit.

2.Barbie Digital Makeover

Immerse yourself in the virtual makeup tools on iPad with Barbie Digital Makeover for iPad! Users simply slide the iPad into the Barbie Digital Makeover to turn the screen into a stunning and stunning digital mirror. Then press the corresponding buttons to select from 26 different colors, followed by the magic wand in front of you as if you are makeup eye color, lip color, and cheeks … Virtual makeup barbie game online to play process will appear. Full of change on the screen, exactly as you are doing beautiful. In addition, you can mix and stack different layers to create over 10,000 coherent colors and change them with a simple touch on the iPad screen.

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barbie game online

barbie game online

Barbie game online play with your friends

Not only gives the user the opportunity to experience impressive and professional makeup technology, Barbie Digital Makeover for iPad also acts as a real mirror, as you tilt your head or change the look on your face, Facial recognition technology will help the screen move with you, as if you are looking at your own mirror. Add sparkling light effects and digital accessories, or take a variety of forms, then capture and save, customize your virtual photo album to contemplate anytime, anywhere.


  • Apply virtual makeup style on the video directly to yourself to avoid false makeup mistakes.
  • When launching the Barbie Digital Makeover barbie game online for girl for iPad application, the glittering lights on the application frame will begin to shine.
  • Apply virtual eye color, lipstick, sparkling makeup style, costumes available …
  • Mix and layering colors to create more than 10,000 color combinations, allowing for multiple undo and undo actions with simple button presses.
  • In order to have a completely new form, users just need to purge and try again.
  • Face Detection Technology helps ensure that the virtual makeup moves in the facial expressions of the face, just as it does on the face.

3. Barbie Fashionistas

Barbie dolls have become an attractive toy for barbie game online free dress up any girl, even young girls in the world. Beautiful looks and fashionable fashion sense, Barbie dolls are designed like the real but expensive price that not everyone can afford them. But with the fashion game Barbie Fashionistas for iOS, she will own a lot of dolls simulator and grandiose tablecloth to coordinate them every day. True to its name, the free Barbie Fashionistas game will bring players into the world of fashion followers with a variety of different “Mix & Match” styles and endless fun. He will own a wardrobe with a lot of dresses, clothes, accessories.

barbie game online

Barbie game online baby myself better myself

It’s not hard to change clothes for Barbie dolls and give it a new look. Which is the combination of the texture, color, and image that you feel most impressed? Not satisfied with the content available in Barbie Fashionistas for iOS? Do not worry, there will be many fashion collections sold separately in the game store for your choice. Please consult your parents before deciding on these items. After a period of gameplay, the baby will accumulate his monograms and a variety of different styles. Combine the dress with pants, skirts, shoes, accessories, and hairstyles to make Barbie dolls look more beautiful.

4.Barbie Best Job Ever

 Barbie in the game Barbie Best Job barbie game online makeup Ever is in need of a great help to help make the most delicious cake to serve customers. However, she looked forever, looking forever but I have not found anyone suitable for this position until Barbie met you – a very love food, love to eat sweet and especially handsome. craftsmanship. Barbie has chosen you so do not hesitate any more, please download Barbie Best Job Ever to start to help this beautiful girl complete the task offline. Join the game Barbie Best Job Ever, players will be with Barbie enjoy a lot of delicious baked goods, looking for new ingredients and aromas to make the cake more attractive to attract as many customers as possible. In addition, Barbie guides you very carefully, helping you from being an unconverted baker to becoming the barbie game online make up best pastry expert.
barbie game online

Barbie game online the baby’s hands make their own products

  • Choose from a variety of baking recipes to create exciting cakes.
  • Mix, mix and calculate ingredients to make the cake “fragrant”!
  • Add color and costume cake with crystal candles, diamonds made from sugar and more.
  • Efforts to increase the rank to receive the title of the chef making talent.
  • The game is suitable for all ages.

Barbie game selection is a wise choice for barbie game online parents. It will help children learn many interesting things from the game and help them develop more creative and intelligent thinking.

Top barbie game online free dress up to play
5 (100%) 2 votes

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