5 button games are associated with the childhood of any Vietnamese gamers

5 button games are associated with the childhood of any Vietnamese gamers
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We will never forget the first 4 button titles that have touched. Here are the 5 most popular games that anyone has ever played kids games for girls.

Surely all of us gamers will have a fierce childhood with the Legend of Nitendo gaming machine or also known as the NES Nitendo 4 Entertainment (Nitendo Entertainment System). The number of games on the NES computer is really terrible, can be up to thousands of games. However, in Vietnam we have only one game that is the 8x brother, 9x memory forever and became forever Legendary in the heart of the brothers of the time.

1. Bomberman

Bomberman is a game developed by Hudson Soft in the early 1980s and released in the NES version in 1987. In this game, we will play the character Bomberman to destroy all the monsters in a maze. And this is also the father of the current Bomber games. . By now there are many other versions of Bom have been born on both PC and Mobile but somewhere 8x, 9x generation still remember the memories of Bomberman.

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2. Pac-Man

No need to introduce too much about this title, Pac-Man was introduced by Nitendo in 1980 and has caused a global epic and become a cultural icon to this day. In recent times, Pac-Man has been made into a movie, and in particular, it is the father who created Pac-Man. To be honest, if anyone has not touched Pac-Man yet, it is a pity that this is the title of the game that took away so much of the effort of the brothers at the time.

3. Duck Hunt

Game “Shoot Duck” is one of the most classic myths on the NES. Because the light gun NES Zaper has made known how many brothers addicted to them. In the game, players are showing off their good by shooting ducks are flying distant screen. The interesting thing is the duck hunting dog, when you miss the shot will be laughed Troll mercilessly. Here, certainly 100% of the brothers who have played this game want to “Meat” right dog “dirty” that.

4. Battle City

Another legendary game has been set up by the Vietnamese brothers for the wild name Game Guns. The game was released in 1990. In the game we will be controlling his tank to protect the castle and destroy all the enemy tanks to pass the screen. This game also has Co-op mode with 2nd player, and allows players to create maps. At that time, the youngsters who broke 35 Battle City screens were a feat.

5. Contra

Difficult to express all the emotions of the player when referring to Contra Legend. One of the classic action epics that anyone who is attached to the NES has ever eaten. At the start of the game, we’ll play the villains Bill Rizer (also known as Mad Dog) and Lance Bean “Scorpions”. These two young men were inspired by two of the most famous sci-fi action superheroes of the 1990s, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Certainly 100% of our gamers have eaten their mouths at Contra. The youngest person to break Contra must say is the “most unpopular” at that time.

Currently, the world is developing a lot of titles with beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay. However, the NES with its massive collections of classic titles still holds an important place in the hearts of all early gamers, 8x, 9x. And almost the youth of this generation are attached to the NES.

5 button games are associated with the childhood of any Vietnamese gamers
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